How To Remove Dental Cement From Crown?


Teeth replacement is a transformative dental procedure, offering both functional and aesthetic advantages. In Uganda, TM Dental Solution in Kisaasi provides comprehensive dental care, including tooth replacement options. Let’s explore the benefits and essential information regarding dental cement and crown removal.

Can You Remove Cemented Crowns?

Removing dental cement from crowns can be challenging. Dentists delicately maneuver the crown to break the adhesive seal. While the process is painless, it necessitates a thorough evaluation of oral health conditions. Dentists make informed decisions based on your oral health, sometimes opting for complete crown removal if excess cement is present.

What Dissolves Dental Cement?

Dentists use specific solutions containing organic acids, such as citric acid, to dissolve dental cement effectively. These solutions break down the adhesive properties, facilitating the safe removal of the cement from the crown.

How Long Does Dental Cement Last On A Crown?

Cemented dental crowns are designed for permanent fixation, ensuring proper oral functionality and aesthetics. Dental cement can last on a crown for over 15 years, with a hardening period of 24 hours. The adhesion strength ranges from 18 to 30MPa, providing durability and stability.

Clinical Solutions For Removing Dental Cement

Various methods are employed to remove dental cement, including dental picks, toothbrushes, dental drills, and metal bands. Prosthodontists may resort to sectioning the crown for removal, ensuring the preservation of periodontal tissues and underlying tooth structure.

Dental Crown Aftercare Tips After the completion of the procedure, follow these tips for optimal dental crown care:

  1. Avoid chewy or sticky foods.
  2. Practice careful flossing and use mouthwash twice a day.
  3. Regularly brush, avoiding the crown area.

The Final Verdict

If you encounter difficulty removing dental cement, consult TM Dental Solution in Kisaasi. Their expertise ensures the safe removal of cement without damaging the dental crown. Pay attention to your oral health to prevent potential complications.

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Ensure you prioritize your dental health and explore the various dental solutions available at TM Dental Solution in Kisaasi.

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