4 Tooth Extraction FAQs Addressed by Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi 

4 Tooth Extraction FAQs Addressed by Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi

While most wisdom tooth extractions are performed on teenagers and young adults, some older adults find that they need to have some or all of their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth may need to be removed because they are painful or are damaging the teeth or roots nearby. Getting these most frequently asked questions answered can significantly help to relieve anxiety prior to the procedure.

Who Performs Tooth Extractions at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi?

Some tooth extractions can be done in the office of a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi can usually pull wisdom teeth that are not impacted. However, an oral surgeon will be required to remove wisdom teeth that are partially or completely impacted.

What Preparation Is Needed Before the Extraction at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi?

Extractions performed at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi may not need much preparation, whereas those performed surgically will need preparation the day and night before. Individuals may be asked to take a dose of antibiotics before the surgery but may not be able to take their prescription or over-the-counter medications prior to the procedure. Additionally, individuals will not be able to eat for several hours prior to the extraction and will need to line up a driver to take them home if they are having anesthesia.

Will the Teeth Shift Following Wisdom Teeth Removal at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi?

Because there is now more room in the mouth, the teeth may shift somewhat after the wisdom teeth are removed. However, most of the changes in the mouth will be due to the initial swelling of the gum and other soft tissues and will resolve within a couple of weeks to a month.

What Is Recovery Like at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi?

Following the extraction at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi, the patient will experience pain and swelling, which can be controlled with ice, head elevation, and over-the-counter or prescription pain medication. Most individuals feel that they need at least a couple of days of rest at home before returning to work or school. Individuals will need to eat only soft foods for the first day and will have to keep their other teeth and the areas where their teeth were pulled clean with gentle brushing.

Because each situation is unique, individuals should talk with their dentists at Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi about specific preparation requirements and recovery plans. One’s age and the success of the procedure often determine how easy or difficult recovery will be. Call Tm Dental Solution in Kisaasi today to request an appointment or to have any further questions about wisdom teeth removal answered.

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